Printmaking Techniques

I specialise in making linocut prints.


The technique involves carving a design into a tile of linoleum, the material often used as flooring for kitchens. Once the design is carved ink is rolled on to the uncut sections of lino on the tile, and then the inked up tile is put in a press with a piece of paper to make the printed image. I often use multiple lino tiles to create multiple colour prints. Artists have produced linocuts for just over a hundred years, and the medium is popular thanks to its bold, graphic, handmade aesthetic.


What is an original print?

All of the linocut prints in my shop are original prints. These are printed by hand and are limited editions, signed and numbered. These are not digital reproductions or giclee prints.


Linocut printing is a handmade process and variation in colour and detail will occur. This adds to their individuality. I make a limited number of each print (10 to 50) and because of the subtle variations in the process each print is unique. All prints are hand titled, signed and numbered.


My greetings cards are all digitally printed reproductions of my original prints. 


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